What we do for Producers

The Funds receive submissions for financing only from projects that are fully developed, complete with budget breakdown, and ready for evaluation based on our criteria.

  1. FFF financing is a first-in/first-out loan commitment designed to help productions attract the rest of the capital required to go into production.
  2. Funds are provided at significantly less than market rate for 20%-25% of the production budget.
  3. An early buy-out clause enables producers to recoup the loan amount and increase their equity position.
  4. Contractual provisions will be negotiated for equity participation via “points” at a lower level than for full equity partners.
Understanding the FFF evaluation process:

Critical to the success of any film or television financing program is the ability to accurately evaluate the project to be financed. To mitigate risk to FFF and our investors, specific criteria has been established and will be rigorously applied during both the evaluation and production process. 

Understanding these criteria is an important first step for producers who are considering bringing their project to us for consideration. To initiate a discussion of this process, request our non-disclosure agreement here.

Additionally, since a primary component of the FFF business objective is the stabilization of workforce and support businesses not only in the areas where production takes place but throughout the state, our overall assessment of any project assigns additional value based on:

          • the level of engagement of Florida cast and crew,
          • the use of Florida-based suppliers and support businesses,
          • the selection of recognizable Florida locations, and
          • the total estimated economic impact to Florida.