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Florida Film Funds give producers a financial rationale to shoot in a state that historically has always attracted quality filmmaking.

We provide capital at superior rates and conditions.

We appeal to producers of moderate-budget independent projects who are disadvantaged in high-incentive states by inflated costs for gear and equipment, studio space, location costs, hotels and lodging, and other supplies.

We enable cost-effective filming in a state with locations, crew, cast, and a film-friendly environment that are especially appealing to filmmakers dealing with tight budgets.

Always remember . . . there’s no place like Florida!

FFF financing is a first-in/first-out loan commitment designed to help productions attract the rest of the capital required to go into production.

Funds are provided at significantly less than market rate for 20%-25% of the production budget.

An early buy-out clause enables producers to recoup the loan amount and increase their equity position.

Contractual provisions will be negotiated for equity participation via “points” at a lower level than for full equity partners.


Submitting a project - How to begin the process:

1) To present a project for our consideration, the first step is to request our non-disclosure agreement.

2) Upon our receipt of the signed NDA, we will request the following:

– A finished screenplay that must be either set in or adaptable for filming in Florida.

– Coverage of story, characters, and plot that includes an appraisal of the marketability of the project.

– A comprehensive budget breakdown.

– A preliminary initial filming schedule and/or DooD.

– A list of attachments already in place: cast, director, producers, crew department heads, potential sources of financing, etc.

– An estimate of Florida cast and crew that will be utilized.

– A list of any recognizable Florida locations that may be featured.

3) If the project is of interest to us, we will require a $250 non-refundable application fee to continue in-depth discussions.

4) The FFF Production Board will conduct an evaluation based on specific risk-mitigating criteria.

5) Upon Board approval, an offer to begin finance agreement negotiations will be made.

Remember – The first step is to request our non-disclosure agreement.