What we do for Investors

Along with the opportunity to realize a conservative return on investment with potential for additional return through back-end points, the Florida Film Funds investor is:

  1. Focused on building a motion picture infrastructure within a Florida region that will generate sustained and increasing economic impact over time.
  2. A supporter of the effort to rebuild Florida’s status as a primary location for filming movie and television projects, making our state once again competitive in the domestic market for motion picture production.
  3. A recipient of recognition and media attention for participating in the revitalization of an important Florida industry.
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    1. Contact us at info@floridafilmfunds.org and request a non-diclosure agreement.
    2. Upon receipt of the NDA, we will send you our executive summary.
    3. Meetings and discussions with the Fund administrator and the executive director of Florida Film Funds are the next step.
    4. If your interest remains strong, we provide our private placement memo, operating agreement, and other essential documents for review by you and your legal team.
    5. You sign a promissory note and join the Fund of your choice.

Here are some great storylines from projects in our in-box. Florida Film Fund investors can bring these to life!

A tuneful high school musical comedy about an over-achiever and the new girl in school who challenges her for the lead in the annual homecoming skit

An over-the-top comedy/drama about a Miami teenager who learns the criminal essentials of his elders’ lifestyle in a fictitious Southwest Florida retirement community.

The story in limited episodic television format of the underground network that assisted the escape of thousands of children from Cuba to Miami in the 1960s.

An engaging holiday film for the ages that takes viewers into the home and hearts of a multi-generational dysfunctional Cuban family Christmas.