What we do for Investors

We want to discuss our goals with people who are willing to put dollars to work in a pragmatic effort to rebuild high level motion picture production in Florida.


These people are:

  1. Conservative investors who can accept reduced gains in the near term to build a consistent and enduring longterm revenue stream.
  2. “Impact investors” who wish to prioritize the welfare of Florida’s people and communities.
  3. Supporters of the effort to make Florida once again competitive in the domestic market for motion picture production.
  4. Focused on building motion picture infrastructure that will generate sustained and increasing economic benefits over time.
  5. Aware of the power of film-induced tourism to generate additional longterm advantages to communities where projeccts are filmed.
  6. Accepting of but not purely motivated by public recognition and media attention for their role.
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    1. Contact us at info@floridafilmfunds.org and request a non-diclosure agreement.
    2. Upon receipt of the NDA, we will send you our executive summary.
    3. Comprehensive meetings and discussions with Fund management and the executive director of Florida Film Funds.
    4. If your interest remains strong, we provide our private placement memo, operating agreement, and other essential documents for review by you and your legal team.
    5. You subscribe for a unit or units in the Fund of your choice.

 The South Florida Film Fund One will build a portfolio of projects over time, an approach that creates greater potential for long-term revenue from back-end “points.”

Action, Comedy, Drama, Rom-Com, Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery, History, Horror, Romance . . . 

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