Matthew J. Akins – CFO / Treasurer


Matthew J. Akins (“Matt”) is the President of Baystream Capital Management, LLC (“Baystream”). An accomplished leader, Matt’s primary focus is strengthening financial operations to maximize performance and profitability through collaborative, revenue-focused financial services.

Matt’s expertise stems from providing financial, debt, investment advisory and consultative services to cities, counties, states, corporations, and financial institutions across the country.

Matt began his career in Chicago where he developed his analytical skills working for Wolverine Trading. While at Wolverine, his responsibilities included the monitoring of trading positions, risk management, and the preparation of reports that assisted management in making strategic assessments of the firm’s asset holdings and risk.

He then joined BLX Group delivering strategic financial and consultative services, where his practice focused on debt advisory, structure, and cash flow analysis. Matt was an integral part of BLX’s Tampa office, where he helped grow the business, manage a team of consultants and oversee daily operations.

The next chapter saw him at FIRVA Capital Management and Bay Securities, where he directed operations and provided banks and insurance companies with proprietary research and analytics and consulted with the firm’s clients regarding composition and risks inherent within their fixed income and securities portfolio holdings to ensure appropriate returns.

Matt Akins graduated from the University of Tampa with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He subsequently earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Florida.