Impact Investing and FFF Goals

How Investor dollars make a Big difference

Florida Film Funds is an ideal vehicle for investors who want to make a positive impact on Florida’s communities, not only through the creation of good-paying jobs and the distribution of production funds in the areas where filming takes place, but also through the provision of career opportunities to underrepresented populations.

We are exploring ways to collaborate with organizations around the state to build a Pathway Program that will bring underserved groups such as at-risk young adults into the industry through mentoring by professional filmworkers and on-the-job craft training on film and television productions that receive FFF financing.

FFF is conducting outreach to local community groups, cultural organizations, educational initiatives, correctional facilities, and other organizatons to identify underrepresented demographics where we can make a difference. This is an effort in progress. By necessity, building the Funds and building the Pathway Program go hand-in-hand. We hope for new developments on a regular basis. Click here to read more.